Land & Islands for Sale

on the Stunning Coast of the Panama Caribbean.

Imagine experiencing the most perfect day. What would you do? Go kayaking, scuba diving or fishing amongst tropical reefs? Or would you prefer a hike through a pristine tropical forest, bird watching and calling to the Howler monkeys as you go? How about taking a 5 minute boat trip across clear blue waters and experiencing the culture of a local indigenous village, before indulging in a little shopping?.

And to end this perfect day, would you prefer to return and sit outside your newly-built home watching the sun as it sets over the Caribbean sea, or would you prefer a cocktail and a gourmet meal at a waterside restaurant?

When you buy an island land lot with Coral Coast Cristobal you can enjoy all of this and more all day, every day. Now, tell us... can you imagine that?

Our clients have already begun to build homes and create the lifestyles they've long dreamed of. For some the dream is to spend their days discovering the treasures of the sea. Others are attracted by the abundance of stunning flora and fauna that surround their property. Still others have chosen to purchase land with us because they are ready to build a home for themselves and their children that is far away from the social and financial turmoil in the States and Europe.

With land lots of ½ an acre beginning from just $39,900, and entire private islands starting at a mere $199,000, Coral Coast Cristobal offers you an affordable way to be part of the relaxed culture and tropical paradise lifestyle of your dreams.

Why choose anywhere else?